Common Field provides a platform for visual arts organizations and organizers to join as members of Common Field. Currently, more than 700 + members connect with one another and share resources, insights, and opportunities. Members receive priority registration and discounts for the CF Annual Convening, and can post listings for announcements, opportunities, jobs, and services to our national online listings directory. Members of the Network can also have the opportunity to participate in members-only forums, discussion groups and share research and documents through a members-only online login.


Our founding program, The Common Field Convening is an itinerant annual gathering that brings together 350+ visual arts organizers to share resources, ideas and methods for artist-led, artist-run, and artist-centered spaces, projects and practices. The convening goals are to develop local and national peer connectivity, to build knowledge from the field and create a growing set of resources to share broadly. The convening connects and incorporate the interests, themes and issues of the national Common Field network with the issues, contexts, and conditions specific to the location the convening takes place. The Convening has been hosted in New Orleans 2013 (Hand-in-Glove - Antenna Works/Press Street); Minneapolis 2015 (Soap Factory + Works Progress); Miami 2016 (BFI, Cannonball, Dimensions Variable, and Locust Projects); Los Angeles 2017 (organized with 15 local organizational partners); and Philadelphia in April of 2019.


Meet Ups bring together arts organizers in various geographic locations to discuss challenges, opportunities, and ideas relevant to their local context and national purview. Meet-ups can be informal or formal, happening in organizational spaces, conferences, homes, restaurants, or cafes. Since 2015, Common Field has supported, organized and participated in 25 meet ups across the country. We encourage members to organize meet-up in their regions.


Field Grants provide small grants of $500-$1,000 to support projects that generate exchange, connection, and thinking on arts organizing projects and practices. The intention of Field Grants is to enable organizations doing reflective work to share this work with Common Field’s national network, and to facilitate broader learning and insight from local and issue-based organizing projects happening across the US with the expanded Field.


Common Field partners with network members to commission and co-publish writing and thinking that reflects the current state of the field. In 2017, we’ll publish two series of Field Perspectives. The first in collaboration with 8 network members focused on Convening themes. For the 2016 Common Field Convening in Miami, Common Field co-published a series of eight essays that were commissioned and co-published with Miami Rail and Temporary Art Review, addressing themes of Accelerated Capitalism, Gentrification, Transitions, and Criticality.


In response to the politically resistant programming, actions, and statements of solidarity of our field, Common Field launched a new program about what arts organizing looks like nationally in the wake of the new political administration. These online conversations connect the network in dialog and create critical resources for the field at large.


Common Field commissions broader, field-wide, significant research exploring the artist-centric ecosystem and specific themes on a national scale. The Resource Index is an open source information resource built by and for the field that include templates, bibliographies, and field articles.


Toolkits are published in partnership with members and share practical skills, thinking and information for, by and of the field on topics from organizing structures to how to start your own grassroots arts organization. In early 2018, Common Field will co-publish it’s first toolkit in partnership with Los Angeles based Machine Project about how to start a grassroots arts organization.


As a part of our annual Convenings, Common Field hosts skill specific workshops on issued most requested by our members. Thus far, we have partnered with the National Coalition Against Censorship to offer “Handling Controversy and Working with Difficult Subject Matter” and the Department of Places to offer “Reflections on Power, Privilege, and Justice in Arts Organizing.”


Common Field seeks to create alignment and intersections between Common Field's values and critical national issues for action and advocacy. Common Field’s 2017 advocacy priorities are supporting the national and local political resistance work of our network and challenging dominant discourses and structures that maintain systemic oppressions beginning with each of our selves. Common Field works as a transformative organization itself and amongst our network to advance the many organizations and individuals that make up our field.