Crystal Baxley
Convening Program Director
Courtney Fink
Executive Director + Co-Founder
E. Maude Haak-Frendscho
Convening Program Director
Ikram Lakhdhar
Communications + Network Membership Manager

Dana Bishop-Root
Courtney Fink
Nat May
sharon maidenberg

Jackie Clay
Courtney Fink
Anne Focke
Ikram Lakhdhar
Jessica Lynne
Aurora Tang
Martha Wilson 

Courtney Fink
Nat May
James McAnnally
Cameron Shaw

Crystal Baxley
Jackie Clay
Matthew Fluharty
E. Maude Haak-Frendscho

Elizabeth Chodos (2011- October 2018)
Courtney Fink (2011- Present)
Nat May (2011- Present)
Abigail Satinsky (2011- April 2015)
Stephanie Sherman (2013- December 2017)
Shannon Stratton (2011- March 2014)


Founding Members of Common Field were orgnizers that were invited to paricipate in the April 2013 retreat at Oxbow where co-founders of the organization faciliated a 3 day session to envision what Common Field could become. 


*Kenny Bailey, DSFSI (Boston, MA)
*Shana Berger, formerly  @ Coleman Center for the Arts (York, AL)
*Chris Cook, formerly @ Cannonball (Miami, FL)
*Kate Hackman, formerly @ Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, MO)
*Ben Heywood, formerly @ Soap Factory (Seattle, WA)
*Kristin Kennedy, PICA (Portland, OR)
*Jori Ketten, 186 Carpenter (Providence, RI)
*Colin Kloecker, Works Progress Studio (Minneapolis, MN)
*sharon maidenberg, Headlands Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
*Shanai Matteson, Works Progress (Minneapolis, MN)
*James McAnalley The Luminary Center for the Arts (St Louis, MO)
*Jonathan Middleton, formerly @ OR Gallery (Vancouver, VA)
*Maia Murphy, formerly @ Recess (New York, NY)
*Lane Relyea, Northwestern U (Chicago, IL)
*Victoria Reis, Transformer (Washington, D.C.)
*Stephanie Sherman, (London, UK)
*Bob Snead, Antenna (New Orleans, LA)
*Sarah Wagner, formerly @ dflux (Detroit, MI)
*Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace (New York, NY)
*Nancy Zastudil, formerly @ PLAND (Albuqurque, NM)


Former Board Members
Elizabeth Chodos (2017-2018)
Deana Haggag (2017-2018) 


Former Staff Members
Amanda Choo Quan - Communications & Membership Manager (2017-2018) 
Hannah Grossman - Convening Manager (2017-2018)

Former Project Contractors
Lindsey Lee Eichenberger - Convening Coordinator (Fall 2017) 
Mary Rothlisberger - Website Project Collaborator (2017) 
Annie Shaw - Communications and Operations Manager (2016-2017) 
Stephanie Sherman - Co-Director (2016) Website and Field Report Project Director (2017) 


Former Interns
Ellen McDermott - Communications and Network Intern (Summer 2019) 

Former Common Field Council Members (2015-2017)
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
Ryan Dennis
Kemi Ilesanmi
Colin Kloecker
Lane Reylea
Abigail Satinsky
Stephanie Sherman