Crystal Baxley
Convening Program Director
Courtney Fink
Executive Director + Co-Founder
E. Maude Haak-Frendscho
Convening Program Director
Ikram Lakhdhar
Communications + Network Membership Manager
Ellen McDermott
Communications and Network Membership Intern

Dana Bishop-Root
Courtney Fink
Nat May
sharon maidenberg

Courtney Fink
Anne Focke
Ikram Lakhdhar
Aurora Tang
Martha Wilson 

Courtney Fink
Nat May
James McAnnally
Cameron Shaw

Elizabeth Chodos (2011- October 2018)
Courtney Fink (2011- Present)
Nat May (2011- Present)
Abigail Satinsky (2011- April 2015)
Stephanie Sherman (2013- December 2017)
Shannon Stratton (2011- March 2014)


Founding Members of Common Field were orgnizers that were invited to paricipate in the April 2013 retreat at Oxbow where co-founders of the organization faciliated a 3 day session to envision what Common Field could become. 


*Kenny Bailey, DSFSI (Boston, MA)
*Shana Berger, formerly  @ Coleman Center for the Arts (York, AL)
*Chris Cook, formerly @ Cannonball (Miami, FL)
*Kate Hackman, formerly @ Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, MO)
*Ben Heywood, formerly @ Soap Factory (Seattle, WA)
*Kristin Kennedy, PICA (Portland, OR)
*Jori Ketten, 186 Carpenter (Providence, RI)
*Colin Kloecker, Works Progress Studio (Minneapolis, MN)
*sharon maidenberg, Headlands Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
*Shanai Matteson, Works Progress (Minneapolis, MN)
*James McAnalley The Luminary Center for the Arts (St Louis, MO)
*Jonathan Middleton, formerly @ OR Gallery (Vancouver, VA)
*Maia Murphy, formerly @ Recess (New York, NY)
*Lane Relyea, Northwestern U (Chicago, IL)
*Victoria Reis, Transformer (Washington, D.C.)
*Stephanie Sherman, (London, UK)
*Bob Snead, Antenna (New Orleans, LA)
*Sarah Wagner, formerly @ dflux (Detroit, MI)
*Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace (New York, NY)
*Nancy Zastudil, formerly @ PLAND (Albuqurque, NM)


Former Board Members
Elizabeth Chodos (2017-2018)
Deana Haggag (2017-2018) 


Former Staff Members
Amanda Choo Quan - Communications & Membership Manager (July 2017-May 2018) 
Hannah Grossman - Convening Manager (May 2017-March 2018)

Former Project Contractors
Lindsey Lee Eichenberger - Convening Coordinator (October-December 2017) 
Mary Rothlisberger - Website Project Collaborator (2017) 
Annie Shaw - Communications and Operations Manager (March 2016-May 2017) 
Stephanie Sherman - Co-Director (2016) Website and Field Report Project Director (2017) 

Former Common Field Council Members (2015-2017)
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
Ryan Dennis
Kemi Ilesanmi
Colin Kloecker
Lane Reylea
Abigail Satinsky
Stephanie Sherman