Art Making Under Accelerated Capitalism

Naomi Fisher
Gean Moreno
Annika Kuhlmann
Marco Roso
Christopher Kulendran Thomas

The global economy is swallowing itself as capitalism accelerates. In Miami, luxurious glamour and shiny façades obscure the vanishing middle-class, as neighborhoods are wiped out by advertisements mimicking art, all the while ignoring sea level rise. In a time when "Precarity is the fundamental condition of our lives” we need to find new ways to quickly adapt to perpetually changing circumstances.

How can we rethink our citizenship in a time of technological acceleration? Can new economic systems evolve from our current environment, specifically through new ways envisioning privatized property? Are we content for art to offer us escapism, or does it need to provide an actual escape? How does each artist/organization utilize various ways of brainstorming to identify problems and solve them? In this panel, we will examine global economics and hear from artists and spaces that play with structures invented by capitalism to create new ways of living, making, and presenting art.