Transitions, Evolving Organization Models

Christopher Kennedy
Deana Haggag
Maria del Valle
Brooke Kanther
Betti-Sue Hertz

With arts funding continuing to go through constant cuts and an American cultural environment that relies more and more on private funding, independent arts organizations struggle to evolve and stay alive. Many spaces have folded or have gone through major shifts in order to continue their programs. These circumstances have inspired innovative ideas

Transitions: Evolving Organization Models attempts to bring speakers from around the country that have very diverse organizations with very different ways of existing. It also brings together writers and organizers that have written about diverse and evolving organizational models. The idea is to not only discuss how different organizations have navigated difficult transitions but also how some have redefined how an institution can function within very rigid art world perceptions. Technology and our quickly evolving economic systems are changing the way all markets, cities, and communities behave. Entire industries have been turned inside out because of it and the art world is no different. We have the tools and opportunities to rethink how art institutions exist in the world and how they evolve to meet the new challenges and opportunities available in this new economy.