Convening 2013

New Orleans, Oct 17 – 20

The Common Field Convening 2013--aka Hand-in-Glove--was organized by Press Street New Orleans. Hand-in-Glove was started in 2011 by ThreeWalls Chicago, as an itinerant for independent visual arts organizers working at the crossroads of creative administration and studio practice; those engaged in the pragmatic realities and imaginative possibilities of organizing exhibitions, re-granting programs, publications, residencies, public programs, pedagogical experiments, platforms for projects, and a variety of other programming that challenges traditional formats for the production and reception of art at the grassroots level. The conference welcomes spaces and projects that are self-organized, independent, and noncommercial. It also welcomes organizations that started small but have grown big, retaining the artist-run values and priorities that were a part of their founding.


Press Street Staff:
Bob Snead (Director)
Angela Berry (Documentation)
Brooke Pickett (Housing)
Gracie Goodrich (Development),
Sophie T. Lvoff (Media)
Tameka Norris (Logistics)

Abigail Satinsky, Co-founder
Amy Mackie, Essay
Cameron Shaw, Editing
Constance, Design and Printing
James McAnally, Web Interviews
Nathan Martin, Editing
Rami Sharkey, Web Programming
Shana Berger, Planning

Del Agnew
Khadija Aziz
Mary Grace Bernard
Galia Binder
Amelia Braussaurd
Ricki Bratcher
Caitlin Cowleen
Eric Crider
Jenna Knoblach
Molly Knobloch
Madeline Marak
Charlotte McCay
Dave Meinhart
Tom Spittler
Ashley Teamer
Eliza Walker


Mary Lou Christovich, Christopher J.
Alfieri, Susan Brennan, Sean Meenan, David
Workman, Michael Martin, Alita Edgar,
Jonathan Rhodes, Asante Salaam, Carolyn
Somers, Gia Hamilton, Danielle Smith,
Cameron Shaw, Amanda Brinkman, Neil
Barclay, and Kim Cook.
The gracious folks who opened their
homes for Hand-in-Glove attendees—
Ricardo Barba, Brad Benischek, Dorian
Bennett, Angela Berry, Galia Binder, Shelley
Boles, Tori Bush, Amanda Cassingham-
Bardwell, Mary Dawes, Courtney Egan,
AnnieLaurie Erickson, Anne Gisleson,
Susan Gisleson, Gracie Goodrich, Mark
Grote, Gia Hamilton, Stacy Hoover, Jordan
Kaplan, Doug Keller, Keene Kopper,
Amanda LaPlaca, Camille Lenain, Maria
Levitsky, Sophie T. Lvoff, Amy Mackie,
Ann Maier, Ariya Martin, Kate Mason,
Christina Molina, Adam Montegut, Benji
Morris, Jeanne Nathan, Emily Nelson, Heidi
Schmalbach, Brian St. Cyr, Laura Sugerman,
Bob Tannen, Jose Torres-Tama, Jonathan
Traviesa, Emily Wilkerson, Carl Joe Williams,
and Alberta Wright.