Session Notes

For the 2019 Convening Philadelphia, Common Field commissioned 6 scribes/archivists to document and take notes during the break-out sessions. Common Field’s goal was to create spaces for open dialog free of digital media recording devices. These notes will serve as the primary form of documentation of these 24 sessions and conversations.

Archiving for Now and Later

Can Artists Be Policy Makers?

Common Field Futures

DIY Residencies in Non-Urban Environments: Building visibility, diversity and sustainability outside an urban-centric art world

Education for Arts Organizing

Gentrification, Resistance and Cultural Heritage Preservation

I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: Post No Bills, a dialogue with Ross Gay and Brooke O’Harra on the uncultivated audience.

Integration vs. Inclusion: An Experiment in Community

Keeping Women Free: From Banners to Bail Outs

Legends from the Formation of the Field: NAAO & NCFE

On becoming institution: Founding and succeeding an artist run organization

Out of Sight: A Panel on Visual Arts Podcasting

Performing Identity: Artist + Curator + Activist

Powerful Vulnerable

Practicing a Politics of Difference in Arts & Culture

Race & Curation

Reconsidering Place: Troubling the Urban/Rural Binary for Artist Practices and Organizations

Report from the Field: Practices in Collective Care

The Art of Survival: Strategies of Creative Resistance + Resilience

The Company You Keep | The Role of Partnership in Artist Residencies

The Problem with "Issues": Renegotiating the Pragmatics of Language in Common Space

The (Re)Making of Memory

We Like Our Size, Thank You: Resisting Organizational Growth within Capitalism ; Session Cards