Practices in Collective Care

Presenters: Dianne Loftis, Li Sumpter, LaTreice Branson, Andrea Ngan

Organized by Dianne Loftis, Creative Resilience Collective
Selected via Open Call

This session seeks to reflect upon the current state of care in Philadelphia, as it relates to local efforts to build more equitable and inclusive future care models through various forms of creative praxis. In researching the history, contemporary urgencies, and barriers to accessing mental health care, Creative Resilience Collective (CRC) finds itself continuously exploring models of arts organizing and art-making that can offer alternatives and collective visions for community care. This Report from the Field considers care from a collective perspective through the practices of CRC and friends LaTreice Branson and Li Sumpter. Leveraging CRC’s multidisciplinary makeup to trace relationships between local initiatives in the fields of community organizing, design, cultural production, and social work, we will take stock of what we mean by care and its relevance to arts organizing in Philadelphia.

Read the Session Notes here.