Powerful Vulnerable

Presenters: Mary Magsamen, Carol Stakenas, Pia Agrawal, Denise Valentine

Organized by Mary Magsamen, Aurora Picture Show
Selected via Open Call

Being vulnerable can be emotional, traumatic, and isolating. It is also a powerful catalyst for creativity, empathy and change. Consider the rise of “BlackLivesMatter”, #MeToo and the establishment of Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, each raising awareness and culpability. Unfortunately, the contradictions, frustrations, and the too familiar denials have also remained a part of the socio-political landscape. Fortunately, women, those who identify as women, and their allies have united, spoken up, testified and marched all around the world. How do we use our personal experiences to create art, make political statements, speak our truths and be heard? This session, organized through an intersectional feminist lens, values everyone present as a contributor. Participants will form small story circles to share experiences. Together, we will talk, listen and build trust as a way to fight isolation and silence, becoming a part of a growing community that values the power of being vulnerable.

Read the Session Notes here.