The (Re)Making of Memory

Presenters: Martina Dodd, Monique Muse Dodd, Tsedaye Makonnen, Tiona Nekkia McClodden

Organized by Martina Dodd, Atlanta University Center
Selected via Open Call

History is like a ghost that haunts our present through memory, subjectivity, and temporality. It refuses to go away; yet at times it is forgotten, misinterpreted, and altered. Buried deep in the recesses of our minds and shelved away in the allegorical graveyard of the archive, moments of the past live on forever. It is the act of remembering and recontextualizing that resuscitates such moments and breathes new life into their stories.

The panel of artists and curators explore the politics and poetics of remembering and (re)imaging their familial legacy within the African Diaspora while revising its omission within the lens of American history. This panel will focus on the research methods and creative processes of visual artists and curators who utilize both personal and public archives to explore the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. By examining the panelists’ interwoven roles of historian, archivist, and artist they will seek to critique and analyze the ways historical accounts are recorded and disseminated.

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