Archiving for Now and Later

Presenters: Cameron Shaw, Anna Perricci

Organized by Cameron Shaw, Pelican Bomb + Common Field Board
Selected via Open Call

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the ways that thinking about the future of an initiative (and even its proposed end) can inform the decisions one makes in the present. Part organizational assessment and part introduction to web archiving, the session will look at how consideration for archiving one’s digital and physical assets can become an integral part of creative planning and day-to-day administration. The workshop begins with an introduction by Cameron Shaw, Executive Director and Founding Editor of Pelican Bomb in New Orleans. Shaw will discuss Pelican Bomb’s decision to sunset after 8 years of operation and also present tools for organizational self-evaluation. Following Shaw’s introduction, Anna Perricci, Webrecorder’s Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships at Rhizome in New York, gives an introduction to fundamental concepts in web archiving and a hands-on demonstration for using Webrecorder, a free, easy-to-use, web archiving tool.

Read the Session Notes here.