DIY Residencies in Non-Urban Environments: Building visibility, diversity and sustainability outside an urban-centric art world

Presenters: Carolina Porras, Alicia Toldi, Elise DeChard, Rubina Martini

Organized by Carolina Porras and Alicia Toldi, Piney Wood Atlas
Selected via Open Call

What does it mean to exist as an alternative artist residency space outside of a major urban center? How do you facilitate a safe and equitable creative space for all, while simultaneously balancing local perspectives and maintaining global “art world” relevancy? How can we form collective systems of support among such distinctive spaces? During this session, we will tackle these questions and explore the challenges of thriving in a non-urban environment while ensuring sustainability and inclusivity. Through collaborative discussion between Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras of Piney Wood Atlas, DIY residency facilitators Elise DeChard (Tessellate Gallery) and Rubina Martini (Tomorrow River Homestead), and audience members, we will share skills and ideas from the rural, urban, and suburban experience. Join the conversation as we brainstorm strategies and leave with applicable action steps for residencies and residents to create supportive environments in non-urban spaces.

Read the Session Notes here.