Legends from the Formation of the Field: NAAO & NCFE

Presenters: Joy Silverman, Charlotte R. Murphy, Penny Boyer, Victoria Reis

Organized by Penny Boyer
Selected via Open Call

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, artists’ organizations were formed, fought for, and flourished; artist-run spaces started, stopped and stood in the face of Congress; Culture Wars caused viewpoint discrimination, censorship, decency clauses, First Amendment violations. This will be a conversation about Common Field's predecessors--the National Association of Artists' Organizations | NAAO (1982-2001), and its offshoot, the National Campaign for Freedom of Expression | NCFE (1990-2000)--by founders and former staff. Myths will be dispelled, legends passed along and insights shared. With Joy Silverman, artist space pioneer, a NAAO founder and NCFE founding director; Charlotte R. Murphy, former Executive Director of NAAO; and Penny Boyer, former Associate Director of NAAO.

Read the Session Notes here.