Race & Curation

Presenters: Kim Nguyen, Carmen Hermo, Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, Divya Mehra; organized by Eunsong Kim

Organized by Eunsong Kim
Selected via Open Call

This panel seeks to discuss the dynamics of race in contemporary curatorial practices. Interventions into the racialization of contemporary exhibitions have often occurred on the premise of lack and addition (ie: X exhibition has X number of non-white artists). Such critiques have been useful as initial interventions, but have yet to guide us to larger conversations regarding the structures that lead to such exhibitions, and the transformations required to envision other kinds of curatorial practices. As an interdisciplinary group of curators and community organizers, we will discuss our variegated approaches to grappling with questions of race and art, and the act of putting together critical exhibitions in this contemporary moment.

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