Performing Identity: Artist + Curator + Activist

Presenters: Khadija Nia Adell, Joyell Arvella, Precious Blake, Ashley DeHoyos

Organized by Ashley DeHoyos, DiverseWorks and Precious Blake, Artist
Selected via Open Call

Imposter syndrome is especially rampant for creatives and activists of color who are constantly giving parts of themselves for public consumption. In a world where the personal is political; How do artists, activists, curators, and cultural producers navigate through intersectional oppression to honor their lived stories while creating new narratives? In this panel, Khadija Nia Adell, Joyell Arvella, Precious Blake and Ashley DeHoyos share their experiences working in various creative sectors - nonprofits, galleries, academic institutions, and justice movements. The panelists explore how they’ve used artistic, emotional, and spiritual practices to discover and protect their authentic selves while combating racial and gender trauma in and outside of systems upheld by white supremacy. This kitchen table conversation unpacks how each panelist has explored identity-based healing practices that move them from surviving to thriving.

Read the Session Notes here.