Education for Arts Organizing

Presenters: Chloë Bass, Linda Earle, Anthony Romero, Daniel Tucker

Organized by Daniel Tucker, Socially-Engaged Art at Moore College of Art & Design
Selected via Open Call

This panel is concerned with the question of education for arts organizers and comes from a recognition that many artists become "arts organizers" but it rarely figures into the curriculum of a typical art program. Panelists will consider how artist-run culture could be a “gateway” to the questions about curricular strategies for supporting aspiring arts organizers and for encouraging all students to consider their skill-sets in an expanded field that includes making things happen with other people. Nuts and bolts will be considered including the expanding tools that artists need in order to do fundraising, marketing, programming while also negotiating medium-specificity in education and the larger professional climate. Critical considerations will also be discussed, such as the ethics of community engagement and place-based practice, as well as working with and across social difference in a manner that is historically informed and socially-just. The panel will invite high levels of audience engagement.

Read the Session Notes here.