Keeping Women Free: from Banners to Bail Outs

Presenters: The People's Paper Co-op featuring Faith Bartley, Latyra Blake, Courtney Bowles and Mark Strandquist

Organized by Courtney Bowles and Mark Strandquist, People's Paper Co-op
Selected via Open Call

In 2018, the People’s Paper Co-op collaborated with the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund on their Mama's Day Bail Out campaign. The PPC organized exhibitions, parades, press conferences, and events to raise awareness and funds for their campaign while sharing the stories, dreams, and demands of formerly incarcerated women with thousands of Philadelphians. $97,000 was raised in two weeks and 15 women were bailed out before Mother’s Day. For 2019, we are expanding this collaboration and fight for the freedom and rights of women across Philadelphia. Our interactive workshop will include; Reflections from the project project followed by stories, poetry, and calls to action from women in the PPC program. The workshop will end with a participatory silk screen party where you can print your own t-shirts and posters, using designs by formerly incarcerated women. Extra prints will be distributed for free during the 2019 "Free Our Mothers" parade.

Read the Session Notes here.