Can Artists Be Policy Makers?

Creating Our Future
Dallas, TX
Artscream Truck
Fort Worth, TX

Presenters: Darryl Ratcliff, Maya Crawford, Arnoldo Hurtado, Gwen Meharg

Organized by Darryl Ratcliff, Creating Our Future
Selected via Open Call

Creating Our Future has been grappling with the question can artists be policymakers for the last five years. We have gone from a group of artists and art lovers who had never been to a city council meeting to achieving citywide grant programs and directly shaping cultural policy in the city of Dallas, TX for the next decade. As we expand to other cities we want to sit and reflect on exactly how did this happen? What were the strategies we used? Where have we been strong and where have we failed? Is our success unique or are there lessons applicable to other parts of the country? Who else is doing this work and what might we learn from them? Perhaps most importantly can we as artists make lasting political change?

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