Field Futures? - All Together Session #3

Field Futures?

Eva Aguila, Coaxial (Los Angeles, CA)
Eepi Chaad, Art League Houston (Houston, TX)
Jenna Crowder, The Chart (Portland, ME)
Andreana Donahue, Disparate Minds (Chicago, IL)
Vashti DuBois, The Colored Girls Museum (Philadelphia, PA)
Kristan Kennedy, PICA (Portland, OR)
Aaron Levy, Slought (Philadelphia, PA)
Conrad Meyers and Willis Meyers, Aggregate Space Gallery (Oakland, CA)
Jessica Moss, The Roll Up CLT (Charlotte NC)
S. Rodriguez, Paraspace Books (Houston, TX)
Ekrem Serdar, Squeaky Wheel (Buffalo, NY)
Christina Vassallo, SPACES (Cleveland, OH)
Mary Welcome, Cabin-Time, Camp Little Hope, M12 Studio, Art of the Rural (Itinerant and Palouse, WA)
Nicholas Wylie, Public Media Institute (Chicago, IL)

Aurora Tang, Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), Common Field (Los Angeles, CA)
Courtney Fink, Common Field, (Los Angeles, CA)

This All Together session explores the future of our field, from a wide range of perspectives and voices. Fourteen arts organizers from around the country share statements on their big picture visioning, manifestos, existential questions, speculative thinking, and dreams for our field of artist-centered, innovative, and responsive arts organizing in America.

If we do our job, what will change? What needs to change? What would the field look like? What should the field look like?

Following these provocations, audience members are invited to contribute their forward-thinking, future-oriented visions for the field.

How can we shape the narrative and propose ideas for our evolving form and purpose? How can we build an even brighter and better field?