Closing Night Party

Icebox Project Space
Philadelphia, PA
Grizzly Grizzly
Philadelphia, PA
Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA

Icebox Project Space, Grizzly Grizzly, Vox Populi, and Li Sumpter

Help celebrate the conclusion of Common Field’s 2019 Convening with a building-wide party centered at Icebox Project Space, and sprawling throughout the Crane Arts Building Complex. Other participating galleries that will have their doors open include Fjord Gallery, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia Photo Arts Gallery, Postscript Gallery, Spillway Collective, and Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia. We’ll conclude our Convening programming here with music, performance, video, cocktails, and closing remarks.

Drummer and community activist LaTreice V Branson will create an improvisational, percussive soundscape performance of Don’t Dis My Ability; Jacopo de Nicola will perform an acoustic set, lama/lama, the collaborative of composers Quinn Collins and Paul Schuette, will create lo-fi sounds while viDEO sAVant, the duo of Loraine Wible and Charlie Woodman, present their latest live cinema piece Now: Zero; SCRAAATCH, the sound and performance art duo of MHYSA and lawd knows, will perform Tower of Babel (Performance I); interdisciplinary artist Luxin Zhang will sing her recent performance work You Were Here with Me, and DJ Rashid Zakat will perform.

Travel to Icebox and Crane is on your own, and is a center accessible by public transit from much of the city. Small bites will be available, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

About the Artists:

LaTreice V. Branson is an educator, community activist, and drummer from Philadelphia who enriches her community through interactive drum performances and gatherings that often feature impromptu audience collaborations. Exploring the creation of new soundscapes through improvisation, LaTreice has influenced a reciprocal culture of sharing that unites marginalized communities. She also is the founder of Drum Like a Lady, a community cooperative whose mission is to provide a safe space for women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and lifestyles to express their uniqueness through intercultural and intergenerational expressions of collective drumming, dance, music education, and mental health advocacy.

Born and raised in Italy and transplanted to the United States via the Camino De Santiago, singer songwriter Jacopo De Nicola mixes Old and New World influences into an edgy sonic cocktail. Expanding on the tradition of the Italian Cantautori, Jacopo enlivens the audience with infectious upbeat tunes as well as introspective ballads and protest songs. His live performances are propelled by the rhythmic Balkan/Latin pulse of his classical guitar and punctuated by multilayered kazoo melodies that have become a signature of his live performances.

llama/lama is the mind-melting, genre-bending, tongue-in-cheek collaboration of composers Quinn Collins and Paul Schuette. Drawing sonic material from turntables, modular synthesizers, real (and false) radios, handmade mbiras, shopping malls, digital ephemera, and custom-built audio hardware, llama/lama plays prime numbers with prime numbers.

SCRAAATCH is the sound and performance art duo of MHYSA and lawd knows. Originally from Maryland and based in Philadelphia, SCRAAATCH has performed and exhibited sound and media experiments at venues including The Kitchen, MoCADA and the New Museum in NY, Various Small Fires in LA and Little Berlin and the ICA in Philadelphia. Using the chaotic and energetic hybrid DJ/live PA style they’ve come to be known for, they’ve played sets for Boiler Room, MoMA PS1 Sunday Sessions, and GHE20G0TH1K, among many others.

Loraine Wible was born in Paris in 1984. She is the daughter of a printmaking artist and a filmmaker. She started her education in the world of film and obtained a BFA in video documentary at the Ecole Superieur de Realisation Audiovisuel in 2006. After a short career in television, she decided to attend graduate school and turned to visual arts. In 2009 she obtained a MFA in electronic arts from the University of Cincinnati where she then established her artistic practice.

Charlie Woodman has been on the faculty of the School of Art at the University of Cincinnati since 1999. His recent projects have concentrated on the creation of multi-image video installations for museums and galleries, and the integration of video with live performance, often in collaboration with musicians or dancers. Woodman was a founding member of the video performance group viDEO sAVant and has been a pioneer in the development of live cinema – real-time video editing as live performance.

Rashid Zakat is a filmmaker and artist born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He’s spent the better part of his life documenting people through photos & short films. He usually lives in Philadelphia. Also he’s a DJ.

Luxin Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who works in the fields of performance, video, sound and photography. As a classically trained vocalist, she creates video and performance that seek to break down the hierarchy of the stage by bringing the performance to the viewer, and playing with audience expectation.