Livestream: Histories & Futures Of Shifting Spaces And Places

Paolo Davanzo
David Evans Frantz
Kian Goh
Ellie Lee
Ashley Sparks

Common Field Session
Organized by Aurora Tang/ Center for Land Use Interpretation (LA)

By looking to the past, we can see that many of today’s most pressing issues may be traced back to deep set systemic inequalities and tensions embedded in a place. How can we look to the past to create new work and actions that enrich, broaden, and challenge the dominant narratives of a place? This session, moderated by Kian Goh, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA, invites four arts organizers, Paolo Davanzo of the Echo Park Film Center, David Evans Frantz of ONE Archives, Ellie Lee of Equitable Vitrines, and southern theater maker Ashley Sparks to share projects presenting and preserving marginalized histories of place, and to discuss how such endeavors can help us work towards a different type of town, city, and nation.