Session Notes

For the 2017 Convening Los Angeles, Common Field commissioned 8 scribes/archivists to document and transcribe the break-out sessions. Common Field’s goal was to create spaces for open dialog free of digital media recording devices. These notes will serve as the primary form of documentation of these 32 sessions and conversations.

Art and The Commons

Artists Are Renters Too!

Artwriting: Sustainability, Taste Making, and Critical Art Discourses: Exceeding The Soundbite

At The End of the Day, At Least We Have Each Other: Care and Accountability in the Arts, Community Organizing, and Allied Fields

Coordinating Our Responses to Cultural Emergencies

Cultural Equity Speed Dating

Cultural Road Map for Equity: Report on Strategies from Dallas to New York

Designing Structures for Community Self-Determination

Evictions, Artists and Displacement: ALMLA, 800 Traction, and Beyond


Gender Trouble: Minding the Gap

Get-Real Estate: Finding, Buying, Owning Space

“How​ ​To​ ​Cook An​ ​Ethnic​ ​Meal​ ​In​ ​A​ ​White Establishment​ ​Or​ ​Fake It Until You Make It.​ ​An Entire Team Of Two”

Institutional Partnerships: How To Be The Little Gal


Making Art in Trump Country: How The Current Political Climate Shapes Our Communities And The Work We Do

Making Space: The Performativity of Embodied Networks, or the Big Question: Can Third Spaces Benefit From Institutional Structures?

Messaging As Medium: Media, Memes, and The Art of Communication

Occupational Hazards - Part 2: Community (Care) Plan

On Radical Openness

Real Talk: Best Practices for Open Calls and Applications

Rural Communities: How To Engage and Collaborate With Them

Searching for a Form to Catch the Spirit of Common Field

Strategic Criticism: Towards and Arts Publishers Coalition

Sunsetting As Praxis

The Artist Organization Movement: Then, Now, and the Future

The Revolution Will Be Mobilized!

There Is No "Done": Placed-Based Experiments In Cultural Equity

Unsettling The Old Country Buffet: M12 Reports on the Rural