Pre-Convening Workshop, Resisting Systemic Oppressions: from our selves, our organizing and our field

California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ)

Common Field is committed to the work of challenging dominant discourses and structures that maintain systemic oppressions including: white supremacy, racism, misogyny, closed borders, the gender binary, and class violence. We know we must be relentless in this work and it must be practiced from the inside out, beginning with each of our selves, Common Field as an institution and then back into our membership networks and the many organizations and individuals that make up our field.

Pre-Convening Offering:

We are excited to extend an opportunity for an anti-oppression intensive and training the day before the conference begins designed and guided by LA based California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ). CCEJ will provide 6 hours of facilitated community building, cross-identity dialogue, racial affinity group work, and whole community visioning to strengthen the network of committed Common Field members working to further anti-oppression work in the field. The pre-convening will be focused on building a shared framework of power, oppression and accountability, building requests for solidarity through racial affinity groups, and creatively co-constructing tangible goals for furthering Racial Justice in participants’ personal spheres and the collective/organizational spheres they are connected to. CCEJ is a human relations organization dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry and racism through education, conflict resolution and Advocacy. CCEJ utilizes the deep traditions of restorative justice, cross affinity group dialogue and somatic practices. Learn more about them at