Collect, Preserve and Share: Activating the Archive

Ani Bradberry
Martina Dodd
Andy Johnson
Ikram Lakhdhar
Jordan Martin
Georgie Payne
​Valerie Wiseman

Everybody archives. Archiving shapes the ways in which we process our present and understand our past through both personal and collective documentation. Whether you are an artist, an institution, or an individual, we all participate in collecting, preserving and sharing our own narrative. Through both traditional routes and contemporary platforms, we create a history for ourselves and for future creators looking back.

Seeking to create a shared archive of this year’s Common Field Convening DIRT will run a LIVE archiving station throughout the duration of the convening (activated during breakfast and lunch of the convening and online), asking participants to add their notes, ephemera, doodles, oral accounts, images, pocket contents & anecdotes—all to be documented (via photo and scans) and added to a shared platform for the audience/participants to access during and after the convening (Google drive or similar).

Our DIRT IN THE FIELD ARCHIVISTS will utilize non-traditional and informal formats to collectively create a living and ever evolving archive while engaging with participants from diverse backgrounds and understanding of archiving. We aim to use this public collection and the conversations that develop organically around it to expand the potential of the Common Field convening. The results of DIRT’s LIVING ARCHIVE will serve as a public resource for all, donated back to Common Field.