Inter/de-pend-ence: the game

Sarrita Hunn

Selected by Open Call
Organized by Sarrita Hunn

“Inter/de-pend-ence: the game” is a board game for discussing how we practice autonomy and relatedness via questions, examples, tactics, and listening, and will be presented here as a participatory performative lecture. It is a collaborative project by Christine Wong Yap and Sarrita Hunn and emerged from the artists’ shared interests in mutualism, agency, and artists’ roles.

“Inter/de-pend-ence: the game” includes a general variation as well as one specifically for artists and was screenprinted in an edition of two by Yap at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA. The game’s variations for artists originate from a research project beginning with the Yap’s “Artists’ Personal Impacts Survey” to explore positive psychological benefits of art practice. The findings, based on responses from 112 visual artists, were presented in an essay and nine data visualizations in the 20-page “Inter/dependence” ’zine, four hand-drawn Venn diagrams, and a flag to represent how peer artists comprise a more desirable and empowering art world.