Making art in Trump Country: how the current political climate shapes our communities and the work that we do.

Matthew Fluharty
Brett Hunter
Elizabeth Sanders
Kelletria Jolly
Bowie Zunino

Selected by Open Call
Organized by Bowie Zunino/ Wassaic Project

November 8th, 2016 was a not a normal day in America, especially amongst artists communities and Common Field Members. Many arts groups protested, closed their doors, or open their doors for grief circles, and to form pockets of resistance. Common Field wrote its members a Moving Towards Action email on December 9th addressing the importance of “envisioning and articulating alternatives” and a Call to Action: Common Field Community Response to Inauguration and Beyond on January 18th.

But what what does it mean if your community does not stand with you in resistance? What if the people you work with and serve elected him? Rural voters played a huge role in electing Trump and the 2016 election shone a huge light on the rural-urban divide in America. In this conversation session we want to talk about making art in Trump Country and and the role of artists and arts organizations in the current political climate.