Strategic Criticism: Towards an Arts Writers Coalition

Jenna Crowder
Sarrita Hunn
Gelare Khoshgozaran
Eunsong Kim
Jessica Lynne
James McAnally
Cameron Shaw

Common Field Session
James McAnally/ Temporary Art Review

The session will bring together a small group of arts writers, editors, and publishers to discuss the urgencies of radical empathy and anti-hegemonic practices in arts writing and criticism. As arts writers and editors, we state a desire for a supportive publication network that acts to prioritize the art world we want: an art world that is written and created through nuance, elasticity, and rigorous care. Rather than reproduce existing systems that fail to serve a greater good for all, we seek to shift discursive practices toward equity and diversity through a supportive visionary coalition.

Using our collective voices, we have drafted preliminary notes toward an arts writers/publishers coalition and a manifesto that defines the imperative to work urgently and slowly, to make space for tender uncertainty, proactively articulating alternatives to the status quo. Through a tally of practical actions, deep inward investigation (both as individuals and as publications), and the power of physical presence, we invite collaborative discussion of our initial notes to work toward a more confident manifesto that can be shared, signed, and practiced among a coalition of platforms. Participants include writers and editors from ARTS.BLACK, The Chart, contemptorary, Pelican Bomb, and Temporary Art Review.