At the End of the Day, at Least We Have Each Other: Care and Accountability in the Arts, Community Organizing, and Allied Fields

Tori Abernathy
Gloria Galvez
Kimi Hanauer
Antonio Serna

Common Field Session
Organized by Eric Kim and Tori Abernathy/ Human Resources Los Angeles

This self-moderated panel will focus on the relationship between political art and direct action, with a focus on the formal and informal relationship structures that exist within and between the two. Because identifying an ‘auteur’ is essential to maintain professional holding within the art field, there is often pressure for artists to cultivate a special relationship with the communities they work within and alongside. How does this impact the participants’ abilities to make collective decisions, manage collective funds, or simply take care of one another. Is professionalization within the arts a threat to the potential for comradeship and care? What are the communication skills, practices, and tactics that the realms of community organizing and the arts employ - and could be shared in the future - in order to ensure that our efforts are more firmly rooted in a commitment to the wellbeing of our communities. This panel will bring together contemporary artists who also have experience with direct action and political organizing, to discuss the ways that at the intersection of the Arts and politics, participants do or do not take care of one another’s health and basic needs.