Gender Trouble: Minding the Gap

Xandra Eden
Jody Servon
jina valentine

Selected by Open Call
Organized by Xandra Eden​/

How can the arts do better? In this Working Group, we will discuss recent research on gender bias and strategize ways to create awareness and negotiate instances of bias in relationships among artists, arts institutions, funders, and within academia. The race for recognition among artists, curators, arts professionals, and academics often occurs at the same time that women are making family planning decisions. Whether we raise children or not, women have shared concerns about how their voices are heard and needs are met as professionals, cultural producers, and vital contributors to the workforce.

Topics for discussion include examinations of motherhood/ parenthood bias as illustrated in the careers and pathways of artists; the imbalance in the representation of women artists in museum/ gallery exhibitions and public projects; professional advancement and/or residency opportunities for women/parents; methods for increasing awareness of bias in different situations (among all genders, including women who hold positions of power); and intersectional gender bias (i.e. minority, female, LGBTQ, etc) Participants will consider how biases impact the careers of women and bi/cross-gender peoples in the arts. We will work towards developing productive methods for increasing awareness of bias in different situations, including intersectional gender bias.