Cultural Road Map for Equity: Report on strategies from Dallas and New York

todd ayoung
Noe Gaytan
Darryl Ratcliff
Antonio Serna
Andrea Gordillo

Selected by Open Call
Organized by artists of color bloc

Over the past couple of years many major cities across the US have been developing “Cultural Plans.” These plans are guidelines as to how arts and arts funding circulate in a given city. The contradiction in some of the major cities is that while arts spending is on the rise, homelessness, incarceration, unemployment and other *social injustices* are still prevalent, particularly among people of color. For this session, we would like to report back on the strategies that our collectives Artists of Color Bloc (NYC) and Michelada Think-Tank (NYC | Dallas) have used to push the potential of these cultural plans to include economic justice for people of color. We hope to compare the process between both cities: the government framework, advisors, non-profit organizations, and the budgets involved. We will also discuss some of the priorities for our groups as well as ways other groups in the field have pushed for issues such as equity for artists of color and increase jobs and job security for cultural workers of color.