Registration FAQ: Waitlists

All 30 sessions have varrying capacities that make sense for the type of sessions presenters have organized. You can find out what the sesion capacity is on the individual program pages.

All sessions in Eventbrite have the Waitlist option turned on. If a session is FULL, you can add yourself to the waitlists. Common Field will comunicate with Waitlisted individuals to ensure clarity on if space opens up in the session and will move individuals from thw Waitlist to the Session when and if this happens. 

If the Waitlist is FULL, Evenbrite won't let you register. 

Registration FAQ: How do I cancel my registration to a session I'm enrolled in?

If you have registered for a session you can no longer attend, we encourage you to cancel your registration. 

1- Find the email confirmation you received from eventbrite when you registered

2 - Click on the link in the email to log back into your registration

3- Log in to Eventbrite.

4- Go to the Tickets page, and locate your order.

5- Click your order to view order details, and then select "Cancel Order" to cancel your registration. You'll be an email confirming the cancellation.

Eventbrite's official how to cancel guide:

General Reimbursement FAQ Info

We are moving forward with care, faith in one another, and generosity in a time of uncertainty. Please follow these guidelines around payments, and if after you've reviewed these guidelines and you still have questions or your particular situation isn't addressed please feel free to reach out to courtney [​at​] We ask for your patience as we do our best to respond to many requests and questions. Thank you. 

General Reimbursement FAQ: How do I get reimbursed? What do I need to send?

Please fill out the linked reimbursement form and attach receipts - combine it into a single PDF and email it as directed.

General Reimbursement FAQ: How should I send a voided check?

In an email, please send a picture of the check with the word VOID written in bold letters across the check. In the email, please include the name of your session.

General Reimbursement FAQ: I need to return travel funds to Common Field I am not using. What should I do?

Please send a check payable to Common Field (PO Box 26202, Los Angeles, CA 90026), or submit funds via PayPal with a clear note in the transfer of your name and detail about the funds to our PayPal email at -courtney [​at​]

LINK to Reimbursement Form

Please download and use this form to request a reimbursement. Please follow instructions on how to get reimbursed. 


Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and have not received a check, but I have already made arrangements for travel and/or accommodations. What are next steps?

We ask that you try to cancel your plans and seek a reimbursement. If you are not able to get reimbursed, please follow reimbursement instructions - and send a reimbursement form with receipts as a single PDF for any travel costs you've incurred related specifically to the Convening that you can't recover. Please send it to courtney [​at​]

Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and have received a check and have already made arrangements for travel and/or accommodations. What should I do?

We ask that you try to cancel your plans and seek a reimbursement. If you receive relief from travel expenses that you've incurred, such as a refund on your airfare or Houston Accommodations, and are able to return the travel stipend (not presenter honorarium), please follow instructions on how to return funds. If you are not able to recover funds, please send the reimbursement form with receipts for your non-refundable expenses to [​at​]

Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and have already received a check, but have not made any arrangements or incurred any expenses?

If you have yet to incur any costs related to travel for the Convening, and have yet to deposit the check you've already received, please void the check and email us an image of the voided check along with the name of your session. We will process a new check for your presenter stipend-only. All presenters will be paid the honoraria regardless if you chose to participate in the online Convening. 

Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and have not received a check yet, and also haven't made any travel or accommodations arrangements. What should I do?

If you are continuing to present in the new format, we will process a presenter stipend check for you. We are no longer processing travel / accommodation stipends, however.

Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and my session does not translate well to the new digital platform, so I do not plan to continue my participation.

If you have yet to receive your presenter check, we will be processing it and sending it your way shortly in honor of the work that you've already put into your session programming, even if it is no longer moving forward. If you have received your stipend check already, please retain it. If you are able to return any unused or refunded travel costs, please reach out to us.

Presenter FAQ: I'm a presenter and I am going to participate in the session in the alternative Convening platform?

We are continuing to offer presenter stipends to presenters who are adapting their session programs to the new digital format. If you have already received your presenter stipend, please move forward with deposit. If you have yet to receive your presenter stipend and the session is moving forward in this new format, we will be processing it and sending it your way shortly.

Scholarship FAQ: I'm a scholarship recipient and I already made travel or accommodations arrangements. What are next steps?

We ask that you try to cancel your plans and seek a reimbursement. If you have received relief from travel expenses that you've incurred, such as a refund on your airfare or hotel, but still owe a balance, please include documentation of those modified costs. Please follow the reimbursement instructions. If the relief from travel expenses has been a refund in full, please refrain from seeking a reimbursement from Common Field.

Scholarship FAQ: I'm a scholarship recipient who hasn't made travel or accommodations arrangements yet. What should I do?

As we transition the Convening to an online format, registration and participation will be remote and freely accessible. Please refrain from making travel plans, and once the alternative free registration is made available, please sign up to attend online.

Attendee FAQ: I am an attendee and I paid for a pass and registered on EventBrite. What should I do?

All registrations are fully refundable. Common Field will issue you an automatic refund by Friday, March 20, 2020. As the Convening shifts to an online format, sessions and other programs will be freely available, and paid registration will no longer be necessary to take part. We will send information to you on how to re-register for the new, free, online Convening. If you have the resources to support Common Field - we encourage you to make a donation in support of the remote gathering through the new registration process. Stay tuned for new FREE registration information.

Program FAQ: Are breakout sessions going to be held online through a digital platform?

Many sessions will be moving forward that were scheduled to take place in person. They will, instead, be adapted to the online gathering platform Zoom, and registration to attend will be free. All presenters have the opportunity to adapt their sessions to this new form. Not all sessions will translate, however, and not all presenters will continue to be available to make these changes to their programs. In those cases, the presenters can elect to cancel their sessions. Given the creative labor that all presenters have put into their session programs, each presenter, regardless of their capacity to continue the session, will be given their previously-agreed upon stipend. We seek to honor the efforts of everyone who has participated in shaping this Convening, and practice community care by recognizing that individuals are effected by this crisis in various ways, and due to structural inequities, some far more than others.

Program FAQ: Will All Together Sessions still be held if we move to a digital platform for sessions?

We plan to proceed with both of the originally-planned All Together Sessions.

Program FAQ: How will we publish and distribute commissioned publications?

The Houston partner-organized publication will continue to be written and edited for digital publication. We will share this publication freely as a PDF resource on our webpage, one of the many ways in which we intend to continue to showcase the important artist organizing work in Houston without gathering there together in person.

Program FAQ: How are experiential programs like Tours, Pre-Convening Programs, Artist Commissions, and Parties being adapted?

Experiential, site-specific, and embodied programs such as the Pre-Convening program, evening performance events, and tours are no longer practical given the move to an online remote gathering. As a type of program that does not translate readily to a digital interface, we are planning a series of alternative programming, instead, that seek to put a spotlight on the Houston artist-oriented organizing field. Stay tuned for more details as these alternative programs are developed and roll out over the coming months.

Program FAQ: If the Convening is moved to an online platform, how is Common Field ensuring that it is accessible? (eg. are we going to do captioning? provide transcriptions or notes? etc).

We will use the free registration process as an opportunity for registrants to make accommodation requests. Due to the short timeframe for this rapid transition to an online format, we will do our best to honor requests. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be met, both due to the timeline and due to certain limitations to the technology, itself. As our first online Convening, we are quickly learning what tools are available and adapting to the situation. If you have resources to share on how to best meet accessibility needs through digital technology, we are open to learning more and adapting where possible.

Program FAQ: If the Convening is moved to an online platform, will there be ticketing for various levels of access, or simply a free login to view or follow?

Access to the Convening will be on a free registration basis. Once refunds are made to the original registration, new access points will be offered and publicised via email and across all social media channels.

Program FAQ: How is Common Field honoring the work and commitment of partners and contributors to the Convening project whose programs may not move forward?

There are many people who have had a central role in shaping the Houston 2020 Convening, most clearly, the partners who have collaborated with Common Field over the last year. They have worked tirelessly to define key issues and have developed programs - identifying key aspects of Houston's artist-oriented organizing field to highlight for a national audience of peers, and have curated programs with Houston artists, writers, thinkers, and organizers.

Although some of the programs that they have organized are no longer going to be produced in their original format, we are working together to envision new programming to center and uplift the local organizers, organizations, artists, and issues that were otherwise going to be addressed in the in-person Convening programming. These alternative programs will be developed and released over the coming months. 

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

As of March 9, 2020, Common Field is extending the ability to cancel registration and receive a refund to any registered individual who will find it difficult to attend the Convening in Houston from April 23 - 26, 2020.

Evenbrite does not allow the refund policy to be changed once registration opens (we wish they would!). However, Common Field is happy to issue a 100% refund to ANY registered individual up until April 23rd - the day the Convening begins. To request a refund follow Eventbrite’s instructions (you can find a link on the email confirmation you received).

How do I use the Common Field Forum to connect with other Network Members?

The Forum is a place for Common Field members to discuss topics of interest and to connect to each other in a safe digital environment. To participate in the Forum, login to your Common Field member profile by entering your username and password, then head to the Forum section. There, you may either participate in an existing discussion or create a new topic. We encourage you to read our community guidelines before participating in the forum.