• All Convening Sessions are held over ZOOM
  • Download and install ZOOM for desktop or mobile devices at
  • Common Field has published a Zoom Attendee Guide for all Convening participants. SEE BELOW.
  • We also encourage you to review the Common Field Community Agreements and in advance of the Session you'll be attending.
  • Please arrive 5 mins in advance to ensure you’re connected and ready to go. Some sessions have a waiting room. You will be given access to the session by the Common Field 'Zoom Pilot."

Zoom Guide for Attendees
Thanks for joining the Common Field 2020 Convening sessions via Zoom! Here are some tips and best practices for making the most of the experience in this online platform.

  • Mute: Your feed will be set to mute on arrival to the session. Please remain muted unless you are speaking. You can unmute yourself by selecting the microphone icon in the lower right corner of the Zoom pop-up window.

  • Video: We encourage those taking part in smaller sessions where conversation is integral to join by video. Select the camera icon the second from left in the lower left corner of the Zoom pop-up window to turn your video on or off.

  • View: You can select the view of presenters and attendees that you prefer—either Gallery View full of video tiles or Speaker View, which highlights the current speaker—by clicking on the tile icon or people icon in the top right corner of the Zoom pop-up window.

  • Participants: Click on the “Participants” icon in the center of the bottom row of tools to see a list of all participants, including yourself, and to make changes such as changing your screen name.

  • Name & Pronouns: Please rename yourself to include your pronouns after your name so that everyone in the session knows how to refer to you by clicking the blue “...” button either in the top right of your video feed tile or over your name in the Participant list and selecting “Rename.”

    • Smaller sessions may invite you to share your name, pronouns, location, and affiliations in the Chat window.

  • Chat: Use the chat function to ask questions within the session, or to give feedback to or ask a question of the Zoom Pilot. Click “Chat” in the center of the bottom row of icons to open the Chat window.

  • Breakout Rooms: Some sessions have small group breakouts for conversations. The Zoom Pilot will assign you to a group and bring everyone back together again afterward.

  • Background: Please be aware of what’s in your background and minimize distractions in the session.

  • Kids & Babies: Are welcome to join! Please be aware of sound or other distractions to the session.

Technical Issues

  • We're doing our best to make participating in the Online Common Field Convening simple for you and enjoyable for all. Sometimes, however, technology does not cooperate. We ask that you let us know how we could have made the experience better for you through a survey that will be sent to all convening participants after your session.