The Loop

The Loop


Project Commission: Digital Publication

Co-Edited by Reyes Ramirez (Houston, TX) and Megan Sparks (Houston, TX)

Layout Editing and Graphic Design by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre (Houston, TX)

With contributions from Sophie Asakura (Houston, TX), Sebastien Boncy (Houston, TX), Farrah Fang (Houston, TX), Yeiry Guevara (Houston, TX), Ángel Lartigue (Houston, TX), Jake Margolin and Nick Vaughan (Houston, TX), and Stalina Villareal (Houston, TX)

The Loop refers to Interstate 610, a 38 mile long loop that marks the border between the City of Houston and Greater Houston. An important distinction for Houstonians, the neighborhoods inside and outside the loop are referred to as the Inner Loop and Outer Loop, respectively. This publication’s title, The Loop, refers to the complex identities of Houston’s various neighborhoods. Houston is touted as the “most diverse city in America” – but, instead of simply telling this fact, The Loop shows our diverse and multicultural artist community through our contributors’ voices.