Share Your Experience | 2020 Online Convening

Dear 2020 Convening Attendees,

Thank you for participating in the online 2020 Common Field Convening. We are so grateful to all of you for your curiosity, flexibility and generosity in this reimagined format.

We're still gathering lessons and insights from the experiment, and so we hope you’ll take a few minutes to tell us about your 2020 Convening experience by filling out our short survey

Convening programs and strategies are always developed in direct response to your feedback – it’s through your insight that we’re able to optimize our work in support of the broader field. Your candid thoughts and feedback are especially crucial in this dynamic moment, as they’ll help shape our thinking around online programming in the months ahead.

Let’s imagine and evolve our Common Field together. We're looking forward to next steps with all of you. Stay tuned for new programs in the coming weeks, links to archival videos of Convening sessions and additional tools and resources that were developed to be shared.

Later this week, we'll share information on how to join the Common Field Network for free. We recongnize the critical power of connectivy in this moment and seek to open up our network to all.

Thank you again for your participation – we couldn’t do it without you.

Zoom you soon,

Common Field

(Image: Common Field 2019 Convening Philadelphia. Photo: Constance Mensh. Design: Margaret Anderson, Piping Hot Press.)