A Certain Kind of Space: How We Sustain Each Other

A Certain Kind of Space: How We Sustain Each Other

Friday, April 24, 2020
3-4:30pm CDT

with Amy Hicks (Philadelphia, PA), Elia Vargas (Oakland/San Francisco, CA), Ricky Yanas (Philadelphia, PA), Zoë Charlton (Baltimore, MD)

What does it mean for artistic spaces to survive the current capitalist economic system we work under? Members of artist-run collectives Grizzly Grizzly, Living Room Light Exchange, ‘sindikit, and Ulises openly discuss how organizational development in itself has become a creative practice, and how that informs their accountability to the artists and the communities they engage. Running an organization often means interacting with, and subverting, an economic system. What is the impact of working this way? This conversation places independent organizations from various geographic locations, which are negotiating different constraints, in dialogue to expand practical strategies for survival, stewardship, and conceptual engagement.

Building on previous convening dialogues, presenters ask each other and audience members: How do economics, location, size, and identity shape an artist collective and impact decision making? Who gets to take part? Given the long history of grassroots organizing by artists, why be an artist-run organization in 2020?



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