ASSEMBLIES — A Model for Collaborative Learning

ASSEMBLIES — A Model for Collaborative Learning

Saturday, May 2, 2020
3-4:30pm CDT

with Amanda Vincelli (Los Angeles, CA), Jennifer Moon (Los Angeles, CA) and Michael Holt (Los Angeles, CA)

The ASSEMBLIES program at NAVEL is a platform for collaborative research, discussion and creation invested in forms of learning that are cooperative, experimental and process-oriented. Community-led, these learning groups form around a theme, practice or project, and NAVEL provides space, a peer network and resources. At the end of each quarter, the groups are invited to share about their findings during a public event, and their research, projects and presentations are made available online. To name a few, the first rounds of ASSEMBLIES saw groups form around black ethics in rap music, anti-colonial media literacy and revolutionary wealth redistribution.

Join NAVEL’s co-founders alongside a former ASSEMBLIES organizer to learn more about this model for collaborative practice, knowledge and resource sharing. Be prepared to brainstorm how to organize such groups online, in your home, backyards or organizations, and walk away with a practical guide for initiating ASSEMBLIES within your own community.



Archival Video (Vimeo)
The Practical Guide to ASSEMBLIES (NAVEL)
Poll Results (Google Drive)