Perspectives of Arts in Health in Houston

Perspectives of Arts in Health in Houston

Friday, April 24, 2020
5-6:30pm CDT

with Camilo Gonzalez (Houston, TX), Caroline Docwra (Houston, TX), Eepi Chaad (Houston, TX), Zachary Gresham (Houston, TX)

This Houston-based, partner-organized panel brings together different perspectives of providing Arts in Health in Houston from the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist, Aurora Picture Show’s Mobile Media program, MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital’s Arts in Medicine Program and the Healing Art program at Art League Houston. Arts in Health is a relatively new arena for presenting art to audiences in the realm of healthcare. As this field has grown, so has understanding of the importance of providing artistic opportunities for healthcare users and staff leading to more and more opportunities for artists and arts administrators to access this space. The panelists will discuss their unique experiences providing insight into this specialized field, how those interested in working in Arts in Health can get involved, and what artists and administrators can expect when working with this audience.


Archival Video (Vimeo)
Caroline Dowcra's Center for Performing Arts Medicine Rresentation (Canva)