Crip DIY: Do-It-Together!

Crip DIY: Do-It-Together!

Saturday, May 2, 2020
1-2:30pm CDT

with moira williams (New York, NY), Sean Lee (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Sean and moira are disabled artists and curators working across disability, public parks and arts spaces; Sean with Tangled Art Gallery, Canada’s first disability art gallery and moira with non-disabled DIY artist-run spaces. Each will share – through an open conversation and exercises – ways they have disrupted, experienced or imagined experiencing disrupted spaces that make room for access intimacy.

Conversations will center frameworks of “access intimacy": interdependent ways of leading plus support intersectional disability arts, artists and activists in disrupting traditional ways of programming, exhibiting, considering art and methodologies.

Questions for discussion: What is “access intimacy”? Where is disability art history? How do we talk about disability in art spaces? Do we talk about disability in radical spaces? How do we invite and welcome disabled people into art spaces and art works? Why work with and in DIY art and community spaces? How can we all “get” access needs together?



Archival Video (Vimeo)
Reading and Website List (PDF)
​• Tangled Art + Disability Accessibility Toolkit (PDF)
•​ Accessing the Arts: A discoverable listings and resources website run by Creative Users Projects. A free place to post for events and opportunities that center Deaf and disability culture, artists, and audiences, or they provide additional accommodations such as relaxed performance, ASL interpretation, and audio description. (Website)
Art In Translation: A project of Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology and Access to Life that serves to document and publish projects, exhibitions, artistic projects and research initiatives co-produced by Bodies in Translation and collaborating artists, scholars, and community members. (Website)