Beyond the Binaries Virtual Brunch (B.Y.O. Brunch)

Beyond the Binaries Virtual Brunch (B.Y.O. Brunch)

Friday, May 1, 2020
1-2:30pm CDT

with Ashley De Hoyos (Houston, TX)

Organized by Raven Crane (Houston, TX), Farrah Fang (Houston, TX), Frank Hernandez (Houston, TX), Philip Karjeker (Houston, TX), Slant Rhyme (Houston, TX), and Donald Shorter (Houston, TX) with support by Common Field Partners Ashley DeHoyos (Houston, TX) and Jessi Bowman (Houston, TX)

Beyond the Binaries Virtual Brunch is a Houston-based, brunch-style community conversation about centering Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) representation, limitation, and gender abolition in the arts. Guided by a Mx of Ceremony, attendees are invited to break bread virtually (B.Y.O.Brunch) and engage in a guided conversation around how gender representation and the limits of it are present in the arts especially in regards to binaries and TGNC folx.

This virtual brunch is open to everyone and includes a short intro with a drag performance, a brief check-in, the creation of community agreements, and a facilitated conversation with breakout sessions. Participants are invited to engage in open dialogue with radical honesty and mutual respect.