All Together Session: Notas al Calce/Footnotes to the City

All Together Session: Notas al Calce/Footnotes to the City

Thursday, April 23, 2020
5-7pm CDT

with Francis Almendarez (Houston, TX), Outspoken Bean (Houston, TX), Matt Manalo (Houston, TX), Laura Napier (Houston, TX), Lovie Olivia (Houston, TX), Emily Peacock (Houston, TX), JD Pluecker (Houston, TX), Phillip Pyle II (Houston, TX) and Preetika Rajgariah (Houston, TX)

Moderated by Ashley DeHoyos (Houston, TX)

Music by Ivette Román Roberto (Houston, TX) and Anthony Almendarez (Houston, TX)

Graphic Mapping by Virginia Lee Montgomery (Houston, TX)

Organized by Xandra Eden and Ashley DeHoyos (DiverseWorks), Matt Manalo, Ivette Román Roberto and Kelly Johnson (Rothko Chapel)

This Houston-based, partner-organized All Together Session brings all Convening attendees together for a shared experience: highlighting overlapping cultural narratives as framed by artists and arts organizers from across the 640 square miles that make up the city of Houston, TX. Invited participants will engage with common keywords used to describe simultaneously diverging and intertwining community issues, while voicing concerns that are often left unsaid on these local topics. The program will include visual, sound and language components that serve to ground Common Field participants in the context of the city and create a platform for further discussion about the cultural landscape of the initial convening site.



Archival Video (Vimeo)