Collectivizing Cultural Work

Collectivizing Cultural Work

Saturday, April 25, 2020
1-2:30pm CDT

with Cordelia Istel (Los Angeles, CA), Jillian Grant (San Diego, CA), Kaitlyn Chandler (Brooklyn, NY), Yasmin Adele Majeed (Queens, NY)

Organized by Emily Searles (Jersey City, NJ) and Chris Tyler (Los Angeles, CA)

So, you're thinking UNION but don’t know where to start? This Report from the Field will introduce cultural workers to the fundamentals of collective bargaining by exploring the logistical and legal processes that go into forming a union. We’ll candidly examine recent campaigns for workplace equity and the impact of COVID-19 on cultural labor with organizers from the Asian American Writers' Workshop, BAM and the New Children's Museum. Then, we’ll break out into small discussion groups to explore strategies for building power and solidarity within and between our organizations.