Running the Rural Residency: Equity + Access + (Peer) Exchange

Running the Rural Residency: Equity + Access + (Peer) Exchange

Friday, May 1, 2020
3-4:30pm CDT

with Kenya Lazuli (Corinth, Vermont), Rubina Martini (Nelsonville, Wisconsin)

Rubina Martini, founder of Tomorrow River Homestead, and Kenya Lazuli, founder of Lazuli Residency (VT), will explore privilege, local politics, and creating access for marginalized artists. Through the lens of homesteading and parenting, their conversation will address the front end work required to build brave and inclusive spaces before any residents arrive and continuing the work after every artist leaves. Rubina and Kenya will share the origin stories of their residencies, the ways in which they negotiate privilege and otherness within predominantly white space and their individual impacts on this space.

This dialogue will delve into the importance of peer networking and partnering with like minded organizations to further the creation of safe and healthy spaces, with the focus remaining on how best to keep rural residency doors open to people most often left out of the rural landscape and the conversation at large.