Application Overview

Key Dates & Information

Guidelines and Application Online: May 4, 2021
Deadline to Submit Proposals: *Extended* June 14, 2021, 12noon EDT/9am PDT
Proposal Status Notification: July 30, 2021
Convening Dates: November 4 - 6 and Nov 12 & 13, 2021

Link to Application Portal:

This document contains all of the questions included in the Online Open Call for Sessions Application Form, for you to review and prepare your materials before entering the application portal.

Download a .pdf version of our Application Overview

We welcome questions. Get in touch with us at convening [​at​]

Online Open Call Application Form Sections:

Section 1: Session Organizer Information
Section 2: Session Proposal
Section 3: Session Presenters
Section 4: Support Materials
Section 5: More About You

Section 1: Session Organizer Information

*indicates required fields

The Session Organizer is the person who submits this proposal and acts as the primary point of contact for Common Field.

The Session Organizer must have an active individual or organizational Common Field membership to apply. Please login at to check the status of your membership.

If you have questions or are unable to access it, please contact hello [​at​]

If you are not currently part of our Network or need to renew for this year, Common Field is offering free membership for 2021. Please visit and follow instructions to join or renew prior to submitting this application.

Session Organizer Name (First and Last)*

Collaborative or Group Name
If this proposal is being submitted on behalf of a named collaborative or group that you would like to include or identify as the Session Organizer of this proposal, please include that name here.

Link to Common Field Member Profile*
Please visit and click on the public profile of yourself/your organization/group, then copy that URL here.

Session Organizer Email*

Session Organizer Phone Number*

Session Organizer Residential City, State *
example: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Session Organizer Website

Session Organizer Biography*
Please submit a biography of no more than 150 words, written in the third person. This text will be used in the Convening program.

Session Organizer Social Media Handles
Common Field may use this to tag you before and during Convening to promote the event and your session.

Additional Proposal Organizer(s)
If you are submitting this proposal on behalf of a group of people or organizations, please list the names of the others you are representing in this proposal.

Please note: This section is to list any group of people this proposal reflects, or is being submitted on behalf of, by you -- the Session Organizer. Presenters do not need to be listed here, as we will gather their information later in this form.

Have you attended a previous Common Field Convening?* If so, which year(s) did you attend?

Have you presented at a previous Common Field Convening?* If so, which year(s)?

Have you participated in other Common Field projects such as Field Perspectives, Meet-Ups, Field Conversations, or Field Grants?* If so, which one and when?


Section 2: Session Proposal

Please be sure to review the Application Guidelines carefully for this portion of the application.

Session Title*
Please enter the title for your session.

Session Format & Length*
Each proposal must be identified in one of the following Session Formats: Field In Practice, Workshop, Working Group, and Panel with a duration of between 30 and 90 minutes. Please choose the category format and time length that most closely matches your proposal.

Session Formats

  • Field in Practice: These sessions aim to share and highlight methods of practice that can be adapted to or otherwise inform work by others practitioners in the field.
  • Workshop: These are skill-building sessions where attendees actively work with practitioners to learn or co-develop tools for field practice.
  • Working Group: These are conversational and collaborative sessions meant to offer space for peer-learning and exchange to develop thinking, methods, and advocacy strategies for future-oriented field work. Session presenters should be prepared to facilitate dialog.
  • Panel: These moderated discussions focus on a topic or theme from the perspective of experienced field practitioners.

Common Field will prioritize sessions that offer deeper or experimental engagement with attendees and that accommodate larger groups given the national reach of a virtual gathering.

→ You will choose one of the Formats above for your session and then choose a preferred session length of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.

Session Description* (300 word limit) Please describe your session in 300 words or less.

How many attendees can take part in your session?*

The majority of sessions will be open to all registered attendees but we will also consider a small number of sessions that would most benefit from an intimate audience.

→ You will be asked to choose a capacity for your session, either “Any size group” or “limited capacity”. If you choose “limited capacity”, you will also choose from a maximum capacity of 25, 40 or 70 attendees.

Audience Engagement* (200 word limit)

Please describe how you will engage attendees during your session or project. If you are proposing a session with a limited capacity (above), please include how session attendees and the proposal content would benefit from a smaller group. (200 words maximum)


Common Field plans to document all Convening sessions with audio, video and transcript recording with the hopes of sharing selected content to our Network after the event. If the content of your proposal is sensitive or otherwise makes recording a challenge (copyright, privacy), or you would prefer no recording of your session, please write “Please do not record” below and tell us more. Should your session be accepted, we will work with you to identify an appropriate form of documentation together with the limitations identified here.

[Write-in box for response]

Audio/Visual Needs*

Please select media and available virtual engagement tools from the menu that you would ideally like to use for this session. Select all that apply or you may be considering.

Common Field will provide all technical support for accepted sessions using standard platforms for the Convening like Zoom and Whereby. Some engagement tools are built into these platforms, and listed below as options.

Beyond built-in tools and our planned platforms for the event, we are open to working with you to accommodate other platforms or tools you may list here as best we can. If this is the case, be sure to answer the next question and outline your proposed alternatives.

Please select all media that you would ideally like to to use for this session. (Choose all that apply.)

  • Still images & slides
  • Video with sound
  • Music (pre-recorded)
  • Live Sound or Music
  • Virtual breakout rooms
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Co-editing documents during session with attendees
  • Sharing files/resources with attendees before, during or after session
  • Use of additional 3rd party app (please complete next question)
  • Not listed (please complete next question)

Audio/Visual Needs – More Details

If you selected “Additional 3rd party app” or "Not listed" above, please outline what application/s you would like to use and and what other platforms you are proposing as well. Tell us what it is, how you plan to use it, and what you need from Common Field to access it for the event. We will follow up with accepted submissions to talk in more detail about technical needs for each session.

[Write-in box for response]

If accepted, I may consider requesting additional technical funds from Common Field to support my ability to participate.

Because this year's Convening is virtual, Presenters will most likely need access to a computer with a camera and microphone to present through the online portals provided. To that end, Common Field is allocating funds to support accepted presenters' technical needs to participate and present at the Convening. These funds can support small scale equipment (like a computer camera, cables, etc) as well as other digital and connectivity needs required for participation. Common Field will follow up with all accepted Sessions participants about technical production and support.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure yet


Section 3: Session Presenters

These are the presenters who will produce and deliver the content of your proposed session, including collaboratively facilitating the social space of the session. Each session is limited to 4 presenters, including the Session Organizer.

Please indicate if the individuals listed here are confirmed or proposed presenters. We strongly advise you to be in touch with any presenters listed here in advance of submitting their name in this application. Though we do not require all presenters listed be confirmed for session consideration, confirmed presenters make a proposal stronger.

Will the Session Organizer be a presenter or moderator in this session?

The session organizer is counted among the presenters in any role they may play.

  • Yes
  • No

Presenters 1 - 3
Please complete this information for up to 3 presenters as part of this proposed session.

First Name

Last Name


Location (City, State/Country)

Website (if applicable)


  • Confirmed Presenter
  • Proposed Presenter

In contact?

  • Yes, we've been in touch.
  • No, I need to reach out to them.


  • Yes, this Presenter is a member.
  • No, this Presenter is not a member.
  • I am not sure if this Presenter is a member.

Biography (150 words or less, include preferred title)

[Write-in box for response]

Briefly share what this Presenter will contribute to the session. (75 words or less).

[Write-in box for response]

Do any organizers or presenters have requests for accessibility accommodations during the Convening?*

Live CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) and ASL (American Sign Language) interpretation will be provided for each session and where there is pre-recorded content. Please let us know what other tools or accommodations you or the presenters in your session may need to present and to attend the Convening. This includes language translation for your presenters or intended audience.

[Write-in box for response]


Section 4: Support Materials

You may include support materials with your submission for jurors to consider when reviewing your session proposal. Supporting materials can include text, writing, images, video, websites and other digitally-accessible media that provide jurors with more context, understanding or expression of your proposal. At this time, Common Field cannot accept any mail-in support materials for consideration.

You can upload text files and images and may share video and other media with URLs in the sections below.

Support Materials are encouraged to strengthen your proposal but optional.

Text Files
All Text Files must be submitted as PDF files.
You may upload up to 3 pieces of writing or text to support your proposal. That can include a Materials List with information about the images you may submit.

You may upload up to 6 digital images here – formatted as JPG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG files (not to exceed 800 x 600 pixels, 180 dpi) - that support your proposal.

Video and Other Media
You may submit up to 4 links here to video content, websites, or other media content with short descriptions in the text box below to support your proposal. Please include passwords for any access if needed. Common Field will only review up to 5 minutes TOTAL of video content submitted.

[Write-in box for response]


Section 5: More About You

Common Field has compiled a few questions below in an effort to better understand our currently engaged community and shape our work ahead.

These questions are designed to help us identify communities we wish to serve in a deeper and more comprehensive way—through representation, resourcing, and other forms of support. This is not an exhaustive list but instead one lens to understand the nuances of our communities.

All responses received here will remain private and will not be used or sold for any other purposes. This information may be used, in part, to support our effort to ensure that a broad range of voices are reflected and supported in the 2021 Convening program.

The other Presenters named in this session proposal will have an opportunity to share this information during the Convening registration process (which all Presenters who are part of an accepted session proposal complete).

Phonetic Pronunciation:

Please enter the phonetic spelling of your name, exactly as you would prefer it read in an introduction.

Example: *Beyoncé* would be phonetically spelled BEE-YAWN-SAY

I identify as (select as many as apply):

  • Emerging / Youth

  • Elder

  • Disabled / Chronically Ill

  • Black

  • Indigenous

  • Person of Color

  • Working Class

  • Low Income

  • Rural

  • Southern

  • Trans or GNC

  • Parent or Caregiver

  • Independent cultural worker

  • Preferring a language other than English (fill in the blank)

  • Not listed (fill in the blank)

  • Prefer not to answer

If you selected "Preferring a language other than English" or "Not listed" above or would like to add more, please share how you identify and what language(s) you prefer.

[Write-in box for response]

My pronouns are (select as many as apply):

  • She/Her

  • He/Him

  • They/Them

  • Not listed (fill in the blank in the next question)

  • Prefer not to answer

If you selected "Not listed" above, please share your pronouns below.

[Write-in box for response]