Dream(ing) Together

Common Field
Los Angeles, CA
Providence, RI
Racing Magpie
Rapid City, SD

Thursday, Nov 4, 2021
4pm EDT/1pm PDT

Welcome Program: 90 minutes

Presenters: Common Field, Emanuel H. Brown, AS220, The Center for Afrofuturist Studies, Martina Dodd, Racing Magpie, S Rodriguez, Wide Awakes

Common Field and our Convening Partners welcome you to the 2021 Convening: Sustaining Futures! Join us for our opening event as we welcome you, our Network, and share dreams for the world ahead. Convening Partners and attendees are invited to join our virtual soapbox and respond to the evening’s prompt: What are we dreaming of for our shared futures?


Emanuel H. Brown (he/him) is a Black Caribbean Trans Masculine Non-Binary person living at the at the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. As an Embodied Freedom Pracitioner, Emanuel works with BIPOC, and Queer/Trans* folks creating new strategies for liberation and freedom using healing/arts/spiritual (HEARTS) Justice. His integrative approach gained the attention of numerous institutions, and movement spaces including Auburn Seminary, St. Luis University Institute for Healing Justice and Equity, Allied Media Conference, Facing Race and the National Sexual Assault Conference. Emanuel's creative works include A Ritual for Reading featured in the Invisible No More Study Guide, Nu Mas(k)ulinities Performance Ritual for The Commons Festival at Carolina Performing Arts, Rituals of Desire featured in The 8th Annual New Masculinities Festival, co-editor of Wakanda Dream Lab, contributor to the We Govern Campaign, author BeholdYourself in The Deconstructionist Playbook: An Anthology. Emanuel has been honored as a Senior Fellow for Pop Culture Collaborative and is a 2021 Southern Healing Star awardee (presented by BEAM and Lipton). Emanuel is currently the Executive Director of Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom.

AS220 is non-profit community arts organization in Providence, RI founded on the principle that freedom of expression is crucial for the development of strong communities and individual spirits.

The Center for Afrofuturist Studies is an artist residency program of Iowa City, IA’s Public Space One that reimagines the futures of marginalized people by creating dynamic workspaces for artists of color. Dynamic means interactive, supportive, community-engaged, rigorous, and inclusive.

Martina Dodd is an art historian and curator based in Atlanta, GA, whose concept driven shows have touched on topics relating to race, gender, and power dynamics.

Racing Magpie is a Lakota-centric arts and culture organization, founded in 2015 to center the Lakota practice of being a good relative in everything that one does. Racing Magpie's work is focused on elevating and amplifying the ongoing work of community-based artists and culture bearers in and around Rapid City, South Dakota.

S Rodriguez is a Texas-based interdisciplinary artist, writer, arts organizer, and co-creator of Paraspace Books – a transient bookstore dedicated to queer sci-fi and speculative fiction.

The Wide Awakes are a global, open-source network who radically reimagine the future through creative collaboration.