The (Re)Writers Room: Future Lexicon Workshop

Thursday, Nov 4, 2021
6pm EDT/3pm PDT

Workshop: 90 minutes

Fellowship Project + Marquee Contribution
Selected by 2021 Convening Partner Wide Awakes

Facilitated by 2021 Convening Fellow Tony Patrick

The current zeitgeist is calling for a new articulation, prompting us all to ask: Which new terms and phrases are needed to build spaces for co-creation and collective liberation? Can we carve out sustainable & flourishing futures by generating a living lexicon that empowers us all? During this two-hour session, The (Re)Writers Room invites Convening attendees to catalyze collective futures, one word at-a-time.


Tony Patrick is a World-builder/facilitator whose practice revolves around creating future worlds which are innovative and culturally abundant for all people. He's a founding member of The Guild of Future Architects, has facilitated World-building sessions for Sundance, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Guggenheim Museum and more. He’s also the founder of Tenfold Gaming Initiative (that brings underrepresented students to game design/tech careers), an NYU ITP/IMA professor, writer of a a series of published comics (Batman & The Signal, X'ed), and is an author/director of numerous screenplays, short films and documentaries (HBO, Cinemax, CBC).