Guided Meditation + Self-Massage

Friday, Nov 5, 2021
12pm EDT/9am PDT

Care Space: 60 min

Somatic Workshop + Marquee Contribution
Organized by metaDEN PACK (People Activating Communal Knowledge)
Facilitated by Chauvet Bishop

Beginning with a grounding meditation and acknowledgement of our bodies, participants will check in on how they are feeling while giving themselves permission to investigate how our personal and collective histories impact how we feel and move. The group will be asked for specific areas of pain and discomfort to focus on for the session. Using items commonly found in living and work spaces, Chauvet will teach massage techniques and stretches to relieve pain and enhance relaxation. Through these sequences, participants will discuss how everything/everyone is connected and the importance of self-care as resistance in a structure primed for burnout.

Participants will need comfortable space, extra items of clothing able to be tied in knots, a pen/pencil (does not have to write), and a small bottle or jar.


Chauvet Bishop (she/they) is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Poet and Host of Open Room at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. She received her massage therapy training from the highly acclaimed Swedish Institute. She began practicing in 2011. Since graduating from the Swedish Institute, Chauvet gained experience in Spas, Wellness Centers, and Gyms. She has also brought her massage skills to businesses, parties and backstage for various performances around NYC. Chauvet currently focuses on in-home massage, reiki (in-person, as well as distance) and organizing wellness spaces for community events with the Audre Lorde Project.

metaDEN is a healing incubator curated by/for BIPOC that centers the queer and trans community. We bring together a PACK of BIPOC facilitators, practitioners, and artists to provide various creative forms of healing and social justice. Before COVID-19, we provided physical space in Brooklyn, NY. For the safety of our community, we have now adapted to a virtual platform and are currently offering programming online and collaborating with aligned organizations. We were co-founded by Joss Martinez (they/them) + McKenzie Angelo Martinez (she/her) in 2018.