The Future of Independent Book Production: From Writing to Publishing

Friday, Nov 5, 2021
3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Panel: 60 min

Partner Session
Organized by 2021 Convening Partner S Rodriguez
Presenters: Nicholas Hurd/Radix Media, Angel Lartigue, S Rodriguez, M Téllez

The creation of books is a huge ecosystem that encompasses everything from mass-distributed bestsellers to self-made zines and artist books. In the US, the institutional success of someone in the literary arts is based on their complicity in a traditional publishing framework, a mostly white, cis-normative field.

Outside the bounds of traditional publishing and distribution, writers, artists, and organizers are creating myriad models in pursuit of sustainability and thoughtful action. In this panel, presenters will discuss what it's like to engage critically with the framework of conventional publishing. Panelists, all of whom include books as a part or basis of their artistic practice, will talk about alternate methodologies of sharing and producing books.


Nicholas Hurd is a letterpress printer and designer and a worker-owner at Radix Media, a worker-owned and union printer and publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. Radix Media publishes new ideas and fresh perspectives, prioritizing the voices of typically marginalized communities to get to the root of the human experience.

Angel Lartigue is an artistic researcher born and raised in Houston Texas. Lartigue's work explores the relationship between the body and land through the use of "putrefaction" matter as raw material. This concentration has led them to experimenting with archaeological processes of decomposition into artworks, incorporating fungi, insects, and even odors captured during fieldwork, including research training in human remains recovery at Texas’ Forensic Anthropology Center, “body farm”, in 2018. Designer of 2017 label book, La ciencia avanza pero yo no is part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Hirsch Library rare books collection. Recommended by Italian curator, Eugenio Viola, Lartigue was accepted as honorary research fellow to artistic laboratory, SymbioticA, part of the University of Western Australia Perth for 2020. Lartigue is a participant at the international conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science 2020 part of the University of Applied Arts Vienna Austria where they presented their first essay, Science At The Club: Putrefaction As An Artistic Medium. Lartigue has given lectures and exhibited at Station Museum of Contemporary Art (HTX), The Latinx Project NYU, The Holocaust Museum Houston, The Charla Fund part of the US Latinx Art Forum and awarded through The Andy Warhol Foundation for The Visual Arts 2021.

S Rodriguez is a Texas-based interdisciplinary artist, writer, and arts organizer. They are the co-creator of Paraspace Books, a transient bookstore dedicated to queer sci-fi and speculative fiction.

M Téllez writes and performs speculative tales about desolation/intimacy, class/objectification, borders/land-based memory/media control, and the violence in relying on binaries to order the world. A heavily cyborg storyteller and sloganeer from the 215, they are a founding member of METROPOLARITY, a corner store sci-fi & thought collective that uses speculative thinking as a shield and wand against standing empire. M is rendering a novelization of their All That’s Left series about disabled cyborg workers in a flooded out near future. Visit for more.