Ghost Plant: Sampling Hip-Hop, Plants, & Ancestors—A Listening Session

Saturday, Nov 6, 2021
12pm EDT/9am PDT

Listening Session: 60 min

Fellowship Project + Marquee Contribution
Selected by 2021 Convening Partner Racing Magpie

Presenters: 2021 Convening Fellow Talon Bazille, Tani Gordon

During this session, attendees will get to listen to various songs from 2021 Convening Fellow Talon Bazille's fifth installment in his Garden album series, Ghost Plant. Along with in-depth analysis of these songs, Bazille will explain the context of his work, lyrics, and beats while overviewing his process of making rap music that connects to nature, history, and present reality. Bazille will also explore his collaborative work with Sicangu Lakota artist Tani Gordon and how it has shaped the project overall.


Talon Bazille is a rap artist/poet from the Crow Creek Dakota and Cheyenne River Lakota tribes of South Dakota. A University of Pennsylvania alum, Bazille graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s in psychology. Bazille is currently the head of Wonahun Was’te’ Studios (“Good, healing sound of music” – Ciye’ General ThunderHawk), providing recording studio access around central South Dakota. The studio was supported in 2019 by First People’s Fund’s Cultural Capital Fellowship. He is currently working on his next release, Ghost Plant, which features artwork from Sicangu Lakota artist Tani Gordon. For more information, visit

Tani Gordon is a Sicangu Lakota woman who currently works as a freelance artist on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota. A 2009 alum and former teacher at the Sinte Gleska University, Tani Gordon has continued to create her works, holding a BA in art. Her artwork primarily consists of paintings, pen and ink illustrations, but she also works in photography, jewelry making and collage work. "My inspirations come from nature, femininity, music, film, Lakota philosophy and other artists. Art communicates beyond words and borders. It's a way of reflecting back to each other the amazing light and form we all possess."