Village Matriarchs Sanctuary of Rest and Dreaming

Saturday, November 6, 2021
1:15pm EDT/10:15am PDT

Workshop: 90 min

Open Call Session
Organized by Studio Galaxxxia

*Capacity Limited to 70 Participants. This session is organized specifically for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color) women and femmes.*

Presenter: Kimberly Tate

Village Matriarchs Sanctuary of Rest and Dreaming will offer a sanctuary of slowness and rest for BIPOC women and femme caregiving matriarchs, inclusive of those who fulfill this role in community.

From the session organizer:

We embody our ancestry. We carry our descendants. We are bridges connecting past, present and future. We are sources of love, care, wisdom, vision and manifestation. We are ecologies of cells, bacteria, fungi, ocean and earth animated by air and space. We are majestic Mother Earth herself.

Self-Care is Ecological Care. Self-Recovery is Ecological Recovery.

Let us pause ambition and becoming, chasing and performing, transacting and reacting. We are exhausted. Let us put down our load of responsibilities and rest.

With guided somatic meditation, let us slow down. With deep inner-listening, let us recollect our energies of care inward toward ourselves. With heart-centered breathing, let us bathe in the luster of our radiant hearts. With self-massage, let us untangle unnecessary patterns of striving. With gentle restorative postures, let us drink in and savor the delicious drop of life-giving Earth that we are.

As a prayer and promise for a more resilient future, let us rest. As a values-driven strategy, let us rest. Let us rest into collective dreaming.

Please come as you are. After introducing ourselves to each other, videos can stay on or off. If possible, create some sanctuary of physical space for yourself. Turn down lights and distractions, and arrange for your space to hold your body with great care. To ground your intention, you might like to invite an object of intention and/or a benevolent ancestor/spirit guide to join in holding your space. Light a candle and/or incense. Invite furniture, blankets and pillows to support you in a resting position. Keep your heart hydrated and nourished with water on hand. Dress for rest.


Kimberly Tate / Galaxxxy (she/they/we) is a multidisciplinary artist, embodied designer and design educator. She is a mother and organizer of restorative spaces centering Black, Indigenous, People of Color, our bodies, experiences and wisdom traditions. Self- and community-care is ecological care, especially for BIPoC in the US. Kimberly is passionate about popular design education, ecological heritage for climate resilience, community-driven design and body-based practices for design. From 2015 she has been developing and widely presenting DANCITECTURE, a contemplative urban ritual for social connection and self-exploration that uses installation art and architecture as choreographic tools for context-specific participatory movement experiments. She occupies unceded lands of Canarsee Lenape people (Brooklyn, NY). Of Waray heritage, her ancestral lands of most recent generations are in Leyte, Philippines. Kimberly is faculty at Parsons School of Design, a design educator at the AIANY Center for Architecture and a Create Change fellow at the Laundromat Project.