Let’s DIY Access Doula Together with Remote Karaoke!

Saturday, Nov 6, 2021
3:30pm EDT/12:30pm PDT

Working Group: 90 min

Open Call Session
Presenters: Joshua A. Halstead, Zoey Hart, moira williams, x

“Access intimacy, that hard to describe feeling when someone else ‘gets’ your access needs.” –Mia Mingus

Access Doulas negotiate access with cross-disability folx in both remote worlds and real life. Their roles are flexible, serving to legitimize support-giving by naming it while reframing ideas around access in this hybrid virtual moment. Dreaming towards accessible virtual and in-person futures, disabled artists/Access Doulas Joshua Halstead, Zoey Hart, moira williams and x will share Access Doula experiences from their perspectives across disability while co-facilitating conversation around access intimacy as an attitude and practice. From there, participants will join to collectively DIY Access Doula together in play and practice through a three-song Remote Karaoke! set with animated text videos and lyric sheets and Participation Cards as virtual backgrounds.


Joshua A. Halstead is an epistemic activist working at the intersection of critical disability studies, design pedagogy, and community organizing. A recognized contributor to disability design discourse, they seek to unsettle normative systems of thought by centering marginalized perspectives. Halstead has been an invited lecturer in academic and industry settings—from Stanford to Google—and is co-author of Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Non-Binary Field Guide for Graphic Designers. Their current project, Cripjoy, is a transnational, majority-BIPOC community of practice focused on reworlding mental health through an intersectional, anti-ableist, and anti-sanist lens.

Zoey Hart is an interdisciplinary artist and collaborator based in Brooklyn. Zoey is currently the Art and Disability Residency Program Coordinator at Art Beyond Sight. Informed by experiences of invisible disability and modern medicine, Hart’s practice seeks to reframe our cultural understandings of what it means to be well in the spaces we seek, hold and inhabit.

moira williams (they/them/moira) moira williams is a disabled indigenous artist, disability cultural activist and dreamer weaving together cross-disability justice, gatherings, and arts with eco-somatics and queer ecologies. moira believes in “access intimacy”* as an attitude beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act. Their often co-creative work leads with disability, approaching culture as something we actively shape together. moira’s ongoing work with water focuses on “access intimacy”* and water intimacy as ways forward to accessible NYC waterfronts, led to extended comment deadlines for NYC’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, an accessible public bathroom and an online and in-person Disability Cabaret on an accessible boat. They recently received Santa Fe Arts Institute REVOLUTION, Blue Mountain Center, Disability + DANCE NYC Social Justice Fellowships, and a Disability Futures Fund grant. moira’s recent work has been at Works on Water Triennial, CUE Art Foundation, Landscape Research UK, Common Field, UniArts Performance Philosophy Helsinki, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum Denmark, and has appeared in Jacket2, A Field Guide to iLANDING and the first NYC exhibition centering an intersectional community of disabled artists cited in The New York Times.

*“Access intimacy, that hard to describe feeling when someone else ‘gets’ your access needs.” –Mia Mingus

x (they/themme; fae/faem/faer; ze/hir) is a TRANSdisciplinary artist-curator-community organizer working in performance, installation, and painting. x’s work has been shown in Budapest, HU; Detroit, MI; Ithaca, NY; Manhattan and Brooklyn- including Dixon Place, the Pfizer building, and Judson Church. They are a recipient of the Emerging Artist Initiative Fund, Disability. Dance. Artistry. Dance and Social Justice Fellowship Program, Voice of the Valley Sound Artist Grant, and a selected finalist for the 2020 Eva Yaa Asantewaa Grant for Queer Women(+) Dance Artists. During their Fall 2019 Needing It residency at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), x began shifting into satirizing the multi-hyphenate/multidisciplinary artist and experimenting with a cacophony of simultaneously experienced art forms. Currently, x is a 2021-2022 Fellow with The Performance Project @ University Settlement, an Assistant Teaching Artist at Mark Morris Dance Center, a company member of Katharine Pettit Creative (KPC), and artistic director of {amdpc}.