#JusticeOverEquity: Wielding Individual and Community Power for Cultural Transformation

Saturday, Nov 13, 2021
3:15pm EST/12:15pm PST

Field in Practice: 90 min

Open Call Session
Organized by Houston Coalition Against Hate
Presenters: Marjorie Joseph, Liz Peterson

Using Houston Coalition Against Hate’s #JusticeOverEquity framework, this presentation will teach leaders how to review their policies and procedures, educate staff and communities served, and implement core justice principles as practices and policies in order to manifest meaningful, internal cultural change. Participants will analyze and examine systemic barriers in all facets of the workplace, including but not limited to hiring and promotion practices, performance reviews, mentoring, salary and benefits decisions, and societal values and norms. The opportunity to brainstorm and discuss mission-specific ways organizations can implement long- and short-term strategic goals will also be explored.

From the session organizers:

In the wake of the deaths of Ahmaud Arbury, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, corporations and nonprofits alike rushed to issue statements expressing their alignment against racism and sincere commitment to diversity and inclusion. While these platitudes are a start, they accomplish little without a deep examination of organizational and institutional norms and values that systematically disadvantage employees, volunteers, clients, and community members with marginalized identities. Educational, philanthropic, and corporate institutions that are truly committed to building a more just and liberated world must consciously adopt a new paradigm that transcends inclusion and strives to create balance by first acknowledging the disparities of the past, then encouraging action leading toward solid institutional, organizational, and societal shifts. This is a call to all gatekeepers, CEOs, Presidents, and Executive Directors to harness and wield their power in ways that will transform the internal culture in which they find themselves.


Marjorie A. Joseph is an organizer with over a decade of executive management, leadership, operations, program growth and development, marketing, accounting, and creative curriculum development experience. A team and solutions-oriented leader she is adept at aligning mission and vision with opportunity and strategy, as well as demonstrated effectiveness at fostering understanding, empowerment, and belonging amongst diverse staff, and collaboration between organizations, institutions, and community leaders. A native New Yorker, via Los Angeles to Houston, Marjorie is proud to currently serve as the Executive Director of Houston Coalition Against Hate. MJ has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Pennsylvania State University with minors in Dance and African/African American Studies, and is the originator of the #JusticeOverEquity framework in order to facilitate societal and cultural shifts and transformation.

Liz Peterson is Director of Grants and Communications for EMERGE Fellowship, an organization that prepares high-performing students from underserved communities to attend and graduate from the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. She previously served as assistant director of Houston Coalition Against Hate. She is also on the board of the Convict Leasing and Labor Project, which aims to expose the history of the convict leasing system and properly memorialize all its victims. A former reporter for the Associated Press and Houston Chronicle, Liz has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Education from Houston Baptist University.